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Our recipes

We put together some easy, delicious and healthy recipes from our lettuces!

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Apple, pomegranate and baby spinach salad 

Fresh and light, this salad a kind of detox that you offer yourself! Your stomach and your intestine will thank you warmly.

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10 min.


burger tofu.jpg

Tofu burger

A delicious vegan alternative for burger lovers!

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45 min.



Waldorf salad

Created in the 1890s by the chef of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (Park Avenue, NYC), this salad is a classic and classy dish we invite you to treat yourself with! 

15 min.


iceberg 1.jpeg

Apples, raisins, and iceberg lettuce fresh salad 

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Fully plantbased, you will love this sweet and sour salad!

12 min.



Caramelized toasted almond salad

A quick and easy salad recipe for a light start to a meal.

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7 min.


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Beet, quinoa, feta and baby spinach walnut winter salad

A delicious vegetarian salad recipe for cheese and quinoa lovers!

20 min.


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