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Our recipes

We put together some easy, delicious and healthy recipes from our lettuces!

mache 2.png

Apple, pomegranate and baby spinach salad 

Fresh and light, this salad a kind of detox that you offer yourself! Your stomach and your intestine will thank you warmly.

Vegan Badge 4

10 min.


burger tofu.jpg

Tofu burger

A delicious vegan alternative for burger lovers!

Vegan Badge 4

45 min.



Waldorf salad

Created in the 1890s by the chef of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (Park Avenue, NYC), this salad is a classic and classy dish we invite you to treat yourself with! 

15 min.


sandwich oeufs.jpg

Fabulous eggs and bacon sandwich

The best egg salad sandwich recipe by far! Cheddar cheese, egg and yogurt combine to create the most delicious sandwich to be made quickly for breakfast or an easy dinner.

25 min.

6 sandwiches

iceberg 1.jpeg

Apples, raisins, and iceberg lettuce fresh salad 

Vegan Badge 4

Fully plantbased, you will love this sweet and sour salad!

12 min.



Caramelized toasted almond salad

A quick and easy salad recipe for a light start to a meal.

Vegan Badge 4

7 min.


mache 1.jpg

Beet, quinoa, feta and baby spinach walnut winter salad

A delicious vegetarian salad recipe for cheese and quinoa lovers!

20 min.


pita thon.jpg

Easy pita bread tuna sandwich

Tired of the same sandwich for lunch? Pita halves with lettuce, tomato slices and tuna salad with creamy mayonnaise is quite a sandwich. Tuna salad lovers will love it!

10 min.


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