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Helpful Tips For Relieving Bloating

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Remember that feeling you get after enjoying a big meal? That uncomfortable feeling of tightness in your belly, typically characterized by a bulge in your belly region? That's right, we are talking about bloating.

Bloating happens to the best of us, and while this is a normal process in digestion, it can be really uncomfortable most of the time.

So what causes bloating?

Bloating is caused by the mixture of gas and extra liquid produced in the stomach during digestion. So this basically means that as long as you're eating, you're going to feel bloated every now and then and that's totally normal. Of course, so many factors can trigger a bad case of bloat, including:

  1. Overeating or eating too fast during meals.

  2. Drinking too much water while eating, water retention, or not drinking enough water.

  3. Eating raw vegetables, consuming too much soda, and constipation

That said, causes of bloating aren't always food-related, for example, studies have shown that stress directly impacts the digestive system which can in turn cause bloating.

If you are constantly feeling bloated and are in need of how to get rid of it, you're in luck! Below are 5 tips that are sure to help relieve bloat:

  • Consume more fibre-rich foods: Fibre-rich foods like oats, beans, millet, brown rice, etc can fuel our digestive bacteria and help to increase bowel movement, especially during constipation. The trick here is to introduce fibre into your diet and slowly increase your intake over time because including too much fibre in your diet can actually lead to bloating.

  • Start a juice cleanse: A juice cleanse, also known as a juice detox is a type of diet where only juices extracted from fruits and vegetables are consumed for some time, usually between 3-7 days while either forgoing other foods or consuming healthy foods in moderate quantity. Starting a juice cleanse is usually the recommended course of action if bloating becomes frequent and persistent. At Kasa Greens, we recommend cleansing with juices that contain fruits and vegetables such as oranges, bananas, pineapples, berries, broccoli, and carrots (like our sunshine, stranger and deep root juices) as they are high in fibre and vitamins which help in maintaining homeostasis in the gut. A juice cleanse will not only help in refreshing your digestive system, it'll also help curb that bad case of bloat.

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  • Increase fluid intake: It is important to stay hydrated especially when you are enjoying fibre-rich foods as this helps in promoting your digestive health and bowel movement. So as the exercise maestros say; drink lots of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration and discomfort. About 1.5 to 2.0 litres of fluid daily should be helpful.

  • Consume ginger: Ginger is considered to be one of the most anti-inflammatory ingredients out there. Ginger helps to promote the movement of our digestive tract and it helps to relieve any pain from built-up gas. Adding ginger to our smoothies, or a warm glass of ginger tea is perfect for debloating.

  • Exercise: Workouts that help strengthen your core and involve breathing exercises like yoga and pilates are perfect for getting rid of bloating. It goes without saying that exercise, nutrition, and a good sleep schedule work well together. Once you have this down, you're well on your way to feeling lighter.

While these useful tips are sure to help you beat the bloat, the best tip of all is, understanding your body and knowing what works for it and how it responds to certain foods. This may involve tweaking your lifestyle habits and spreading your meals out in smaller portions throughout the day instead of one large meal. Whatever works for you. Don't forget to comment below if you found any of these tips helpful.

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