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5 Tips For Juice Cleansing Even If You Have A Big Appetite

The thought of living on just juices and no food for a day or more can seem intimidating, especially if you are new to the concept of juice cleansing. And even more so if you have a big appetite.

Luckily, we’ve put together these 5 highly effective tips that are sure to help reduce the cravings and keep the hunger pangs at bay while on a juice cleanse:

  • Limit your consumption of foods that make you hungrier: white carbs like bread, white rice and milk are known to leave the body wanting more after eating them, so it’s best to limit consumption of them, especially in the days leading up to your juice cleanse. Instead, lean more towards quality meals with low carbs, moderate protein and high-fat content as they are a healthier and more filling alternative.

  • Stay Hydrated: The importance of staying hydrated before and during a juice cleanse cannot be overemphasized. The average person is advised to drink around 8 glasses (2 litres) of water a day. While preparing to detox, make hydration a top priority as dehydration leads to fatigue and hunger. During the cleanse, it’s important to keep your water intake frequent - consuming between 2-3 litres per day should do the trick. Much of the hunger we feel is actually thirst so drinking water gives a physical feeling of fullness which will help keep the hunger pangs at bay.

  • Pick a cleanse that works for you: If you are just starting your detox journey, consider starting small and picking a less intense juice cleanse plan. You can start with a weekend cleanse and slowly work your way up. Also, go for more beginner-friendly juices as they are generally better tasting and easier on the digestive system. It's important to be self-aware regarding what stage you are in your detoxing journey and choose what works for you.

  • Prep your body: Jumping straight into a juice cleanse especially if you’ve had a recent pattern of unhealthy eating, can make it hard for your body to adjust to the sudden change. Ease into the juice cleanse by planning and making small but consistent changes to your diet at least 2 weeks before starting the cleanse. This will keep your body from being overwhelmed. Some of these changes could include switching out sugary cereals for yoghurt, parfaits or more plant-based alternatives.

  • Mindset: It’s often said how capable we are of doing amazing things when we put our mind to it and it couldn't be more true! The mind has a major role to play in your detox journey. While on a detox, try not to dwell so much on food or the lack of it. Instead, focus on the benefits of the detoxing exercise and how great you'll feel afterwards. It can also be helpful to come up with mantras to help you power through the toughest moments

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