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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Detox Plan

Every now and then, our bodies may experience downtimes signified by low energy levels, unhealthy food cravings, and bloating among others. Usually, these are indicative of the body’s need to reset and revitalize.

While there are several ways to achieve this reset, a juice detox is one of the most popular options today as a rapidly growing number of people swear by its effectiveness not only in alleviating the above symptoms but also in aiding proper nutrition, and weight loss as well as promoting healthy eating habits.

So what is a juice detox?

A juice detox, also known as a juice fast or cleanse, is a type of diet where only juices extracted from fruits and vegetables are consumed for some time, usually between 3-7 days while forgoing other foods. In some cases, smoothies and other healthy foods can be consumed alongside juices.

When it comes to detoxing, deciding to start a detox is usually the easy part. The real work starts with selecting a detox plan that is right for you as this is key to getting the desired results.

Tips for choosing the right detox plan

If you are looking to start a juice detox but are not sure what plan to get started with, you’re in luck! Below are 5 expert tips for selecting a detox plan that is both effective and enjoyable for you:

1. Consider your goal: People go on a juice detox for many different reasons. These reasons, whether weight loss, dietary or wellness-related determines the intensity of the cleanse. Typically, someone who aims to lose weight from a cleanse, would need to undergo a more intense detox and for a longer period of time, than someone who simply aims to cut down their consumption of processed sugars. So having a clear picture of what you want to achieve with the detox is super helpful in selecting the right plan for you.

2. Pay attention to your current diet: If your current diet consists of lots of carbs, processed sugars or caffeine, it will be tougher to follow through with the juice cleanse especially if the switch-up is done abruptly. This is why preparing your body before going on a cleanse is crucial. Preparation can be done by incorporating more liquids and healthier options such as parfaits and salads a week or two before cleansing to gradually ease your body into it. The same goes for easing out of a cleanse.

Pay attention to your current diet

3. Don’t overlook your Individual taste and preference: When choosing a detox plan, carefully consider the individual ingredients in the juices offered in each plan. This includes the fruits and vegetables used in making the juices. A great way to ensure consistency and an enjoyable cleanse experience is to intentionally select juices that contain fruits and vegetables that you typically enjoy consuming.

4. Gauge your experience level: How experienced are you with juice cleanses? This is another key factor to consider when selecting a detox plan. For newbie cleansers, starting with a plan that features a shorter duration and tastier juice options is advisable.

5. Plan around your schedule: During a cleanse, your body requires rest while it detoxifies and heals so it’s important to schedule your cleanse at times when you have the least amount of pressure from work, family and other external factors. This enhances your ability to fully participate and benefit from the experience. While you can start your cleanse on any day of the week, at Kasa Greens, we usually recommend starting your cleanse during the weekend, as this is when you are most likely to rest from the daily commute to work and expend less energy. Doing this for those first few days of cleanse conserves your energy and makes powering through the rest of the days that fall on weekdays easier. Being very realistic about your schedule will also help you decide what cleanse plan is most appropriate for you at any given time.

Plan around your schedule

Nailing down your choice of a detox plan is an important factor that determines how consistent you will be with the cleanse which in turn determines what your results will look like so using the above tips will help you tremendously on your cleanse journey.

At Kasa Greens, our detox plans consist of beginner-friendly, intermediate and expert cleanse packages and there’s flexibility around the duration of each plan. You can undergo any cleanse of your choice for 3 days, 5 days or up to 7 days.

If you are ready to give your body the reset it needs so you can feel rejuvenated and glow from the inside out, get on a juice cleanse program with Kasa Greens today!

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