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5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making On Your Fitness Journey

The decision to begin a fitness journey is usually made with a good amount of zeal and enthusiasm. However, before long, reality sets in, the enthusiasm fizzles out and it’s back to old habits.

Sound familiar? You’re certainly not alone. Research shows that 73% of people who set fitness goals give them up mid-way.

While digging deeper into why this is a common occurrence, we discovered 5 common mistakes people make on their fitness journey which often result in ‘throwing in the towel prematurely.

If you can relate to the above, chances are you are making one or more of these mistakes so keep reading to discover what they are and how to avoid them.

  • No clear goals: Studies have shown that goal clarity has a direct influence on motivation. This is especially true when it comes to fitness, as a healthy dose of motivation is required to power through the rough days. Having a solid and compelling ‘why’ is a great starting point for setting clear goals. Start by reflecting on what your reasons are for pursuing fitness then use that as a springboard for defining your goals.

  • Setting unrealistic expectations: A major reason why people lose steam and revert to their old lifestyle is unrealistic expectations. When defining your fitness goals and assigning possible timelines for achieving them, your budget, lifestyle, and location should be top of mind as they play a major role in your results; Your budget determines what diet options are accessible to you, and your lifestyle determines how much time you can realistically devote to pursuing fitness and so does your location alongside many other factors.

  • Comparing results: There are many factors that determine your rate of progress on your fitness journey, some of them include your eating habit history, genetics, body type and metabolism. Just as these factors are unique to you, your results will be as well. So expecting your results to look like someone else’s is setting yourself up for disappointment.

comparing results

  • No accountability: One thing is true about the fitness journey - it’s going to get tough and you’re going to feel like quitting. It’s easy to succumb to these feelings if there’s no one to hold you accountable and remind you of your goals. Your accountability partner can be a friend, family member, support group or colleague. You can also keep yourself accountable by journaling about your fitness journey and setting personal milestones.

  • Not getting enough sleep: Lack of good quality sleep contributes to high-stress levels and slows down the body’s metabolism and motivation to work out. Good quality sleep gives your body time to recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles worked during exercise. If fitness is a long-term goal for you, then quality sleep plays a major role in improving your motivation to eat healthily and work out daily.

Starting a fitness journey is great, but starting it on the right note is even better, especially if your goal is a more sustainable and longer-term impact. For many people, one or more of these mistakes listed stand in the way of that.

Which one of these mistakes are you guilty of and which ones will you be avoiding going forward? Do share with us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.


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